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What is Love ?

Love is a gift of god which he puts in hearts of people to bring them close to each other in a manner that brings peace and harmony amongst everyone for each other . By default in Nature all the creatures have love and affection in them .

 In 2 simple words " love is caring "  .

who ever cares for others means there is some good in his heart for that person or group , and other words which relate or are reasons for one person to care for other person also falls into the category of love . This is the broader aspect of "What is Love" .
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Below Mentioned are Some Kinds of Love :

Love At First Sight :
Love when it comes to individuality becomes very personal for example : if one boy sees a girl whom he never seen or met before but he is attracted towards her personality or looks and he wants to get closer to her to know her more to become friend . This situation is not love some people might call it love at first sight but this can happen with him every time he sees a girl ... and if by luck that girl accepts him to be as her boyfriend then  he will say i fell in love when first time i saw you .... so this is not right to say that it was love at first sight because now adays love at first sight happens at every minute , and to be honest such loves don't last very long .
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Perverted Love :
Some guys and girls have higher sexual requirements , they can be easily aroused just by seeing any good looking opposite sex , They see someone around more often and they desire of having sex with him/her and this can not be put under category of love ..... sex is not love .... however it is observed that people change to situation good can become bad and bad can become good . One Must try to keep in senses.

Teenage Love:
This happens with mostly 80% of the normal people . It is very nice feeling as its youth and minds are not worried for how the world moves on and boys and girls without  caring for anything decide who is the reason of my smile ... reason for going to school / college ,  reason to show off talent ,  reason to show he/she is best choice , reason to make friends envy  etc etc ...
Love of Teenage hardly succeeds but as youth of today is getting advanced with sexual activities , they some how end up losing virginity at very early age . Just because facilities provided by sex educational programs at schools . The youth knows safety measures they end up with sex and soon after they break up ! .
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Love and Life Partner:
if he/she is able to think for future then they certainly have plans of settling with someone as husband or wife . They seek love in a person who cares for them means without caring more in whom i love they prefer the person who loves them . If someone loves you will take try to take care of everything for you which makes or keeps you satisfied and happy this means if you are happy then this person is not a bad option to get your love in reply . Planning of how things will go on in life is very important and it is observed that biggest goals have been achieved by people who love someone .

Love is a Biological Chemical :
Many articles and reports have been issued by scientists and professors saying that love is a chemical reaction inside heart and they want to make a potion which makes a person fall in love and they also want to make a potion which makes a person hate other person . This means this goal can only be achieved by changing the personality completely . we see examples when a person becomes mad or crazy he doesn't even remember himself so how will he be able to remember others . So this Myth of injecting someone to fall in love with someone is ok to be seen in cartoons only , and is far away from reality .  Love only comes in heart if Allah(God) Puts it there . As you can not force someone to love you for real and vice versa .

What can i do for My Love ?
This is the most basic question to get to know if you really love someone . If you can do something good , use full and productive for your love then get to know you are in love . More often people who love someone try to help out with works , tasks or they support for any good cause even if it involves time and efforts but they just want to make other feel yes i love you , because i care for you.

Love Someone 24/7:
if you love someone don't do something which keeps you always in front of him/her but do something in a short time like a minute which he/she remembers for whole day  or for ever .
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Love is Life :
Love is Life its true stay healthy and alive so you can love for longer time ..... People pass away but memories are left behind in minds of the ones who really love you . If you love someone you will stay with him/her forever in health and sickness , happiness and sorrows and if by nature you die they will miss you always with love . But your aim should be to live as long as you can and take care of your health and take care of health of your love .

Love is Rewarding :
Kids both must love kids before planning to have kids . It is important to know his/her thoughts about kids as a responsibility , Kids are the best people in one's life and honestly they are a gift from god . because you can not buy kids who are your bloodline . People love for kids too . They come together for kids as well , it is observed that very loving couples can have disputes and arguments as well they can separate as well but more than 60% of the parents forget their disputes and come together for kids . Which is again a Bliss .

Conclusion :
I was really doing nothing and was thinking to write something so i wrote this article if you liked it then please leave comments and share it ... also subscribe if you love it .

No harm is intended for anyone so you can correct me if i am wrong somewhere .

Waiting For Your Comment ......

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